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There’s little evidence establishing movie theaters as a source of outbreaks, even before social distancing practices were widely implemented. While that doesn’t mean they carry no risk, public health experts say the likelihood of contracting the virus while moviegoing is probably lower than that of many other indoor activities. Those theaters for whom opening is not on the immediate horizon have long since begun developing their own beefed-up sanitation plans, reaching out to vendor partners who work in the janitorial space to find out best practices. The COVID-19 pandemic forced countless movies in production to close up shop as guidelines on social distancing and nonessential workers remain in effect.

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  • I’d like to see a nationwide flourishing of the regional theater movement, with local theaters considering how best to earn the title of an essential service in their particular community, while being supported and valued by that community and the government.
  • With almost half their revenues from theatrical releases, studios are understandably concerned about upending a century-old model in favor of digital distribution.
  • His first instinct was that the audience arrives and the theatergoers have to assemble the performance space together, as their first act.
  • The increase in demand for oil and gas from various operations in end-uses like transportation, manufacturing, power generation, and others is what is driving the growth of the worldwide well intervention market.
  • This prompted worry that, should March film openings underperform, blockbusters set for release in May (specifically Disney/Marvel’s Black Widow and Universal’s F9) would move their dates later in the calendar.
  • We see these types of claustrophobic couples in Locked Down , The End of Us , 7 Days , and Together .

“At a fundamental level, I think people believe the cinema model works, which is why, after being shut down, AMC feels it can go to market and raise money. Investors believe the model is not broken, just disrupted,” said Spitzer. Neha Chaturvedi , Unit Head, PVR Plaza, told IANS, “We are extremely happy and excited to come back and be there for our guests just like before. However, the whole cinema viewing experience has now changed completely.” The food counters too have become digitalised and the food, including movie buffs’ favourite popcorn, is served in a sealed container to maintain highest quality of hygiene standards. Even before entering the main cinema building, the ticket counter, which is often referred to as the ‘Box Office’, has become completely digital in order to make the ticket buying experience completely contact-less.

A single-screen cinema in Nashik, Maharashtra, photographed as part of a personal project by former cinematographer Hemant Chaturvedi. “We’ve got very good, fond memories of this place, but at the same time it’s just not possible to operate anymore,” says Sharad Doshi, whose family has owned Central Plaza for more than 50 years. MUMBAI — The slightly rusty metal gates of a single-screen cinema creak as they open to reveal a nearly 100-year-old white building whose curved contours and ziggurat roofline hark back to its Art Deco roots.

Shanghai will conduct another round of mass COVID-19 tests on Saturday and Sunday, in line with a plan to test its entire population every weekend until the end of the month. “The cluster has a wide distribution of infected people, who had many social activities, and there are hidden transmission risks in the community,” the city government said in a statement. New York City loves to trash science and embrace politics when it comes to public health. Chaturvedi says he has rummaged through garbage bins in abandoned theaters to recover old ticket stubs.

And that was before the two world wars, the advent of home video, laser disc, DVDs, Blu-rays, terrorism, mass shootings, Netflix, and now the coronavirus, the latest scourge that has sealed shut cinema houses around the world. Theaters might have to redefine employment during a time of mass furloughs — they’re going to have to find a way to pay artists as best they can. We might have to make soup, bread and theater and give it out to people who need it. We’re going to have to see less money spent on couches for the set and more money spent on the bodies that procure those couches from second-hand shops. Right now, charting a course for the future feels like a game of sudoku in which the starting clues keep changing squares.

Malaysia To Allow Cinemas To Reopen As It Relaxes Covid

Even with increased sanitization, mask wearing, and social distancing, there is still a chance of getting COVID-19. CNBC spoke to Virginia native Tim O’Connell, who would go to the movies with his wife frequently before the pandemic, about going back. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, being in a movie theater is considered a high-risk activity,” Nick Vadala from The Philadelphia Inquirer said. Hong Kong-listed shares of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. continued to sink overnight, after U.S. regulators last week added the e-commerce giant to a list of Chinese-owned companies that could be delisted. Palomba says they can be much more adventurous in the content they offer, upgrade their menus and beverages offerings, and make seating more comfortable.

Nyc Monkeypox Madness Repeats Ugly Covid Story

But to borrow from Mark Twain, reports of the death of cinema have always been greatly exaggerated. First it was television, then home video, then computer games, interactive movies, downloading and virtual reality that spelled the end of the big screen. The movie industry has been through such a dramatic shift during the pandemic. Many theaters have closed, and there are worries the industry will never return to the previous normal. After the pandemic is over, viewers will likely return to theaters—but many may be happy watching new releases on demand from their homes instead. Studios and theaters face the challenge of adapting to changing consumer expectations.


A rise in ticket prices and those movie snacks could be the answer, but it is unlikely to be popular with cinema goers, especially in the wake of a VAT cut, which will be charged at 5 per cent instead of 20 per cent. ‘The advanced LED screens has also made for all the drive-in cinema at the highest possible quality with the brightest picture. There’s also been plenty of investment into these experiences to offer more than what people have at home.

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Get live Share Market updates and latest India News and business news on Financial Express. Personally, the pandemic has taught me that there is more to life than work and that there are little yet important joys of life such as our hobbies and social interests that we should pursue to lead a balanced life. It is important to accept the change and move forward with patience, perseverance, and positivity.

The Luxembourg City Film Festival was in full swing in mid-March when the virus hit Luxembourg and the organisers took the difficult decision to stop screenings, etc., mid-way through the festival on 13 March, with lockdown starting on Monday 16 March. That July date is based on the current studio release schedule, which sees Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” arriving in theaters July 17 and Disney’s “Mulan” arriving on July 24. Movie theatre closures were inevitable, and the pandemic merely accelerated this trend that was yet to emerge.

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